Welcome to Brazil Value Advisors LLC.

BVA LLC advises on the structuring of investments in Brazil from the offshore entity to the investment structure used in Brazil. The advice encompasses due diligence and analysis on potential investments and co-investors and the proper choice of third party service providers, offering quality guidance regarding legal, fiscal, regulatory and value issues. From 2.689 accounts, RDEs, to the best bank relations, to the structuring of financing via CRIs, CCIs, FIDCs, debentures and equity, to private equity opportunities, and material advice on partnerships, BVA LLC provides comprehensive and quality advice. BVA LLC also advises Brazilian companies in accessing the US markets.


BVA LLC has particular experience with the Brazilian capital markets, the real estate sector, the mortgage market, the agricultural sector and experience with certain industrial sectors. BVA LLC also has a partnership with an investment bank with substantial experience in M&A and corporate governance issues.


Currently BVA LLC is advising on commercial real estate in Brazil, and advises Brazilian companies on raising capital in the US markets. BVA LLC has advised on a US tech company raising funds in Brazil. Additionally BVA LLC has provided consulting on the Brazilian homebuilding sector.


BVA LLC is solely focused on Brazil, a market that offers unique opportunities for value appreciation. Risks in foreign exchange, inflation, regulations, partnership choices, due diligence and strategy can be mitigated to ensure the success of the transaction and the economic benefits. Brazilian opportunities are represented rarely offshore that underscores the need for complete and quality care in the structuring of investments.